The Japanese Version

$ 49.00

This award-winning film takes an unusual look at the West's influence on Japanese popular culture, looking at everything from weddings with giant rubber cakes to "love hotels", decorated in different Western fantasies; to Tokyo businessmen in letter-perfect cowboy outfits singing the theme to Rawhide.

THE JAPANESE VERSION is 55 minutes long.

We offer two streaming options.

SELF-HOSTED BY CUSTOMER: For an additional fee, you may license digitizing and streaming rights for AMERICAN TONGUES for password-protected use within your institution only.  A three-year renewable term is $99, while rights in perpetuity are $175. Make sure you purchase both the DVD itself plus the streaming option you desire.

HOSTED BY KANOPY STREAMING: Our streaming partner Kanopy will host and stream the film for your institution for a one-year or three-year term. You would not receive a DVD with this option. For more details please consult our streaming page.

CAPTIONING: THE JAPANESE VERSION is available with closed-captions only when streamed.   If you wish to prepare your own captioned DVD copy, please contact us at

DISCOUNTS for multiple copies are available. Please speak with our shipping department at 718-789-2029.

Download a TRANSCRIPT here.

Download the TEACHER'S GUIDE here.

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