Our Streaming Options

We know that our customers have varying needs in terms of delivering video to their students.  All CNAM titles are available as DVDs or can be licensed to stream over your password-protected intranet.

For our institutional customers, we have three basic streaming-video options:

DVD + Streaming option (Self-hosted by Customer)We can sell you a DVD with an option to purchase a license to stream the film in your institution.  Most titles cost $99 for a three-year license, or $300 to stream in perpetuity. If you choose this option you will receive a downloadable high-res file for you to use on your server. You must purchase or already own a copy of the DVD to use this option.

Streaming Only option (hosted by Kanopy Streaming): We have a partnership with Kanopy, an online academic video platform. Kanopy can set you up with a dedicated website for the title, which will allow any of your users to view the video online from anywhere, anytime with unlimited views. Pricing varies by title. Kanopy will handle all streaming and serving duties. If you prefer this option you should order directly from Kanopy using the link in blue on the product page. At this time streaming is offered only to colleges and universities. Please contact Kanopy with all other requests.

Streaming only with downloadable file: Some of our titles are available for instant download via Vimeo OTT/VHX. If you purchase a streaming-only license you can download a high-res file and stream it using your own servers. You must agree to make it available only to users within your institution. You can also rent some titles for viewing on your device within a 72-hour window. 


 We hope one of these options works for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 718-789-2029 if you have any questions.