VOTE FOR ME: Politics in America (Home Video)

$ 9.95 $ 44.95

What is it like to actually run for office? To organize campaigns? To produce negative ads? To build legislative coalitions? See all this and more in this entertaining and revealing Peabody Award-winning TV series that travels across the country to show us how politics is really played in the U.S.

VOTE FOR ME is 4 hours long and is presented on 2 DVDs. The film is divided into four parts.  Part 4, THE POLITICAL EDUCATION OF MAGGIE LAUTERER, can be viewed as a stand-alone 90-minute film.

STREAM OR DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY VIA VHX: Individuals wishing to stream THE POLITICAL EDUCATION OF MAGGIE LAUTERER can purchase and download a copy from our VHX site.


VOTE FOR ME is part of the Politics Collection. Get three of our uproarious award-winning films on American politics and save!


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